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May 15 2018

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What Does SEO for Small Businesses Entail?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an essential form of online marketing that ensures that clients' websites get the traffic they need to attract new audiences who can be converted into loyal customers. The majority of small business owners neither have experience in this field nor do they have the budget for hiring full-time SEO and digital marketing specialists, though. That's why it's important for business owners to find a small business digital marketing expert who can help.

Audits and Analysis

The best SEO firms will begin by performing a detailed audit and analysis of their clients' current websites and their traffic patterns. This initial step may involve anything from keyword research to Google Analytics analysis. Dev Chatterjee Digital Marketing also provides clients with a link analysis and an evaluation of its current metrics such as load speed, internal link structure, title and metadata tags, URL structure, and content.

Initial Optimization

Search engine optimization must be an on-going process if it is to be successful, but it usually starts with an initial optimization based on the information gathered during the site audit and analysis. This may entail removing harmful backlinks, overhauling code, or even completely redesigning the website if it is poorly written or has outdated content. This initial overhaul is just the beginning, though; any digital marketing agency in New York worth its weight will also provide ongoing services.

Ongoing Services

One of the most well-known services provided by SEO companies is known as link building, and it involves the constant creation of new content containing backlinks to the client's website. Building links requires a good deal of ongoing research, including competitor research to replicate effective links and link monitoring to ensure that clients are not facing negative SEO attacks. This helps to ensure that all links to clients' websites are providing some kind of value when it comes to raising search engine rankings.
Brand Monitoring and Outreach

Some forms of ongoing SEO work involve networking with other companies and website owners. For example, all third-party mentions of a company should include links to its website, and SEO companies may track down unlinked mentions of their clients' companies, brands, products, and services with the intent of contacting the webmasters of the sites to have appropriate links added. A good SEO company will also perform basic outreach in order to find other websites that are relevant to their clients' work and target them for promotion.

Get Started Today

The forms of link building and optimization mentioned above are just a few aspects of high-quality SEO. Find an NYC B2B marketing agency that can help today to learn more and get started.

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